Men&Women: the past, the red light of Federico Rubini

Published on Oct 07, 2018

Frederick, the protagonist of a video red light

After the shocking revelation made by Nicola Panic on Sara Affi Fella, Men&�there are other shots of the scene. This time the spotlight will be on Federico Rubini, a former suitor of Teresa Langella. He returned to the house without having had the opportunity to remedy the cause of an alert.

It is not certain that he spent a night of passion with another, but it sure was the protagonist of a hot video in which you show up completely naked. According to what was reported, despite being framed a few times his face in certain scenes, you will understand that it is him. In some of these the guy tends to go much further than that with his “colleague”, so many are impatient to see the reaction of tronista.

Teresa has always told us to have doubts about Frederick because he does not believe that it is sincere. Unfortunately I got confirmation with the intervention of Karina Cascella. The former columnist is back in the studio to report that she spent a night in a parking lot with his ex girlfriend Francesca a few days ago. He also handed over his cell phone to Teresa for her to see the screen-shot of the conversation that the two have had recently.

The tennis instructor has admitted to having contacted, but just to know if it was the new tronista. Teresa wanted to call it and listen to his version, so it went on behind the scenes. At the end of the call, he decided to send him away.

Federico would like to have another opportunity to demonstrate his real interest, but she doesn't want to know. Before the discovery of the video, many believed that he would come back to try to win her heart. Teresa will close an eye on his past?

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