Men&Women: the fight between Valeria Marini and G.'aruta

Published on Oct 13, 2018

Valeria denies the greeting to Sossio

In the course of the special episode of Temptation Island Vip, the public has witnessed the clash between the Valeria Marini and G.'aruta. The showgirl italiana entered the studio and greeted everyone present, except the former knight of the Throne Over.

He admitted to having done it on purpose, because it has made me cry, Ursula Bennardo, became his great friend in the village of girlfriends. Several times had announced that she would not have spoken, but at the end they started a fight.

Marx was harshly attacked by the public, especially by Gianni Sperti. Brought forward a path with the temptress Sara without worrying about the displeasure that he would provide to his girlfriend. Not only have they not apologized for his attitude, but he also revealed that he spent the night with Ursula at a distance of two weeks from the bonfire.

No one has pointed the finger at Valeria, which is why Marx pointed out that even should she be attacked. Has lack of respect to Patrick Baldassari closer to the tempter Ivan Gonzalez. The'aruta precise that he has not given him a kiss while she is left to go on several occasions with the charming Spanish. The Marine did not allow him to compare the two paths. The discussion between the two is over when you entered the studio of Ivan.

Ivan tells Marx that has not gone over why it gave that permission. His speech was accompanied by the applause of the audience, but was not liked by the individual. He got up from the chair as if he wanted to deal with it. Initially it seemed that there might arise a clash very hard, but the ex-tempter is shown calm and peaceful. The'aruta is thus returned to its place, putting an end to the discussion.

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