Men&Women: the doubts of Gianni Sperti on Lorenzo Riccardi

Published on Oct 21, 2018

The doubts of Gianni Lorenzo Riccardi

According to Gianni Sperti there might be a secret agreement between Lorenzo Riccardi and Giulia Cavaglia. The suitor has attracted the interest of both him and Luigi Mastroianni, whom he wanted to bring it to the outside. Lorenzo has always sent home the girls busy to know both, but it seems that this time has decided to close an eye.

In the last recording Louis revealed that its ways of making are reminiscent of those of Sara Affi Fella. In fact, Giulia has confessed he was left just with her ex, Joseph Cussino. If Luigi has decided not to take it to the outside, Lorenzo wants to know more about. For this reason, began the controversy.

At the beginning Giulia reported to be very good with Luigi, even though she initially declared to Lorenzo. When she reported that being single for about three months, his credibility has been questioned. In fact, Louis does not considers as a sincere person, therefore, prefers to focus on the other.

Lorenzo, however, has decided to ignore this particular. His choice was suspicious of Gianni, who believes that between the two there is a conspiracy in order to move the program between bickering, jealousy, and riavvicinamenti. To give credit to such a possibility we thought of is the ex-boyfriend who has defined mock the relationship between the two born of the study of Men&Women.

Maria De Filippi has intervened to point out that Lorenzo is proving to be a little person consistent. The doubts about his honesty are increased because has removed a Jade without hesitation while julie is taking on an attitude completely opposite. Even though she is giving way to doubt about its real intentions, you do not decide to send her away and go ahead.

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