Men&Women: Sara Affi Fella has disabled the profile Instagram

Published on Sep 30, 2018

After the scandal, Sara disappears from Instagram

Sara Affi Fella, ex tronista of Men&Women, is at the centre of controversy for having hidden his relationship with Nicola Panic while he was seated on the throne. To make this revelation was the ex-boyfriend in person, after coming to knowledge of the relationship with Vittorio Parisians.

Without hesitation, he contacted one of the authors of the program and has reported every detail of the plans of the girl. His intention was to gain popularity in the media, therefore, has staged a farce of deceiving everyone. Now, however, after the accusations and the controversy, has chosen to deactivate his official account of Instagram.

Sara has gone from 1.2 million followers to around 850 thousand. Fans, then, they didn't like the fact that they were teased and so have impressed from the point of view of social. They are also angry about the Luigi Mastroianni, who has done everything to win her heart. In addition to the followers, also agency Steve&More Consulting has distanced itself from the model. With a post has explained the reason for the choice:

“Dialogue and transparency are, according to us, the basis of every relationship. As already commented, we learned the news from the web and then spectators as you are of each other. We inform you that in the light of what has emerged, Sara will no longer be part of our agency”

Also the sponsors of the Garnier and Fructis, that had chosen it as a testimonial, have truncated any type of employment relationship.

For now, the directly concerned has just posted a story to apologize. He also reported that the family was not aware of his intentions, therefore, it should not receive insults. This is probably just another lie, from the moment that Nicola Panic said that he was an accomplice.

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