Men&Women: Nilufar Addati does not hold back the tears in the studio

Published on Oct 13, 2018

Nilufar crying following an accusation

The recording of today, the 12th of October, of the throne Over Men&Women has played a key role Nilufar Addati and Jordan Mazzocchi. In the studio they spoke of their journey to " Temptation Island, their history goes swimmingly and tears of Nicolò Ferrari.

The latter, also present, revealed to be still interested in her, so Gianni Sperti did not hesitate to criticize it because he has deluded himself for the umpteenth time. At the same time has failed of respect to her boyfriend, given that Nicholas was a rival to the times of the throne. Nilufar not reacted and broke down in tears but has found comfort in the arms of Jordan.

Jordan has not been swayed by the words of the columnist. Reiterated that believe in his feelings, and, therefore, are more in love than ever. In the course of the episode, the former tronista was justified by saying that he has spoken with Nicholas only because at the beginning of the reality show has made him realize that she was going with some girls, like Martina Pasqualato.

He added that in the end they talked only 2 times in 21 days. On the web, the ex-tempter, has been accused of wanting to become involved in the pair, but he gave a different version. In a few words, defended himself by saying that Nilufar was approached on several occasions to have a conversation. These moments were not aired, but has ensured that things have gone well.

Jordan has admitted to having accepted the invitation, especially for clarification on those that Nicholas had addressed to him on Instagram. Charges to which Nicholas responded by saying that he was not referring to him. After quoting the attendance secret Nilufar with Stefano Gugliemini, the ski instructor was annoyed even more.

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