Men&Women: Luigi and Lorenzo unmask Giulia Cavaglia

Published on Oct 28, 2018

Luigi has exposed Giulia

After you have discovered the real intentions of Sara Affi Fella, Lorenzo Riccardi and Luigi Mastroianni did not trust the corteggiatrici. If in doubt as to their loyalty, do not think twice to send her home. In recent weeks, both have declared to be interested in Giulia Cavaglia.

The beautiful 23-year-old came into the studio to flirt with Louis, but has not ruled out the idea of getting to know Louis. When he had the opportunity to present themselves, wished to detail of breaking up with the boyfriend for about three months. Louis has never believed in his honesty. It has been confirmed thanks to a friend of hers.

This was started by Luigi, who has received photos from a friend: the first depicts the suitors while the second was taken from the social profile of his ex. The background, the date of the post and geotag coincided in both. Giulia has not been able to do is tell the truth, or be a single session for about a month and a half. He added that things were not going well already for a long time, but in September they decided to say goodbye. Lorenzo, however, has called the employers and the friends of the girl to ask questions about his private life. 9 out of 10 gave the same answer, therefore the tronista has started to offend her. He even suggested that she is looking to the popularity and rich men.

The mistress of the house asked Lorenzo if you realized the accusations she has made. Said to believe to what is said on his behalf. Despite having this thought about her, he wants to continue to get to know her. De Filippi has not hidden his disbelief.

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