Melanie Brown, selfie with Phoenix and Cookies


Published on Sep 11, 2019


Photo via the web

Grimaces of torque for Melanie Brown and her daughter Phoenix, 20 years. The two women were found in the car and decided to greet the people of the social with the shot you see above.

“Via, let's work” let us know the singer of the Spice Girls.

To make them company, the Cookies, the dog of the family: a Yorkshire foliage purple.

“The colour that we used for the Cookies is a vegan and organic” was quick to clarify that, Melanie, promptly attacked by some hater “Is totally harmless for your skin.”

Photo: @ Instagram/ Melanie Brown

Phoenix is the daughter of Melanie, the result of a very short marriage with Jimmy Gulzar. In 2007, the singer became a mother once again to Angel Iris, born from the relationship with actor Eddie Murphy, and in 2011 small-Madison, coming to the world during her tumultuous marriage with Stephen Belafonte.




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