Megxit: Meghan and Harry will spend the summer in Scotland with the Queen


Published on Mar 16, 2020


Prince Harry and his wife Meghan truman gates, are back in the Uk for a sort of tour farewell the first to distance itself officially from the royal family. The couple, however, has decided to leave in Canada, little Archie, probably to protect the child from the risk of the Coronavirus.

The royal family could get together soon, in fact, it seems that the Dukes of Sussex, according to the Sunday Times, would have accepted the invitation of queen Elizabeth to spend the summer in the royal estate of Balmoral in Scotland. Even prince Charles and Camilla will spend time together for Harry and his wife, with his nephew Archie, at Birkhall.

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The queen took care to specify that, even if Harry and Meghan have given up their official roles of royal, will always be an integral part of the family. Elizabeth II a few months ago he had written: “Harry, Meghan, and Archie will always be a member beloved of my family. I want to thank them for their incredible work throughout the Country, the Commonwealth and beyond, and are particularly proud of how Meghan has become so quickly a part of the family. It is the hope of the whole family that today's agreement will allow them to start building a new life, happy and serene.”

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Prince Harry and the phone call, Greta Thunberg, but it's a fake...

The same Harry, the victim of a prank call by two Russian men that are fake, the young environmentalist of the Swedish Greta Thunberg, had clarified on the phone as the renunciation of titles to real to be due to the tecnicisimi internal to the royal family with regard to earnings and income. The prince has accused the media of having overstated and manipulated the news to convey the idea that he and Meghan had been stripped of their titles and were not so good relations with the other members of the family, especially the queen.

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