Meghan truman gates: the toughest test for the wedding of Sussex


Published on Apr 25, 2020


A source close to Meghan truman gates, and Harry revealed as the Prince has a longing for home. The couple had moved to Los Angeles with their son, 11-month-old, Archie, for a new beginning last month. It seems that Harry will suffer, particularly in the lontanzanza from the United Kingdom and this may be the most difficult test for their marriage. A source close has revealed to Ok! Magazine: “Harry feels the longing of home and this took Meghan by surprise because he thought that move was the decision.”

Harry and Meghan have moved from Canada to California after he officially left the real life and lost the titles to Real. But despite Meghan is at his side, it says that Harry is struggling to become accustomed to. “Meghan is a lot of support and helps him as best she can,” reveals the source. For Harry, the new life is completely different from the one that he has always lived.

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Meghan is worried about the stress that he is undergoing her husband because of the separation from his family. It seems that Harry is not as confident and sure of the decision taken in disagreement with the Real. The missing elements of his old life, the routine, his old friends, and, of course, the daily contact with his family. The mole added, “Is going through what many people experience when farnno a life change so massive. Only who lives it on a larger scale.”

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Meghan is worried that if Harry doesn't start to feel more positive about their decision and end up regretting their choice of life.

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