Meghan truman gates: the only thing that will never be Serena Williams


Published on Jul 12, 2019


Praises, praises, praises from the greatest player but...

Meghan truman gates has very close relations with various celebrities, among them we can mention Priyanka Chopra and the couple, Clooney. One of the most intimate friends of truman gates is the Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, the two were known to spend a lot of time together and have remained friends even though they now live in opposite parts of the world. Chopra has even gave Meghan a jewel Tiffany when is born Archie Harrison.

Meghan truman gates can also count on George and Amal Clooney in his circle of friends. George Clooney has even defense publicly when the press was taking aim at during the early days of her pregnancy. Despite all these great friendships in hollywood, the celebrities most beloved Meghan seems to be a popular sports star Serena Williams.

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Now that the truman gates became a mother, will surely need all the support we can get. However, Serena Williams, one of her friends of the most high-profile has recently spoke and said that there is one thing that Meghan truman gates can not possibly expect to receive from her.

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Although Williams does not hesitate to sing the praises of the truman gates in public, during a recent interview, has revealed that there is a particular theme that tries to avoid when he talks with her. Serena Williams has said that when it comes to offering advice to parents, she follows a rule: do not do this. Serena has admitted that the first few months as parents are so difficult to listen to any suggestion could be destabilizing for a new mom.

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