Meghan truman gates: second son coming in? Here are the clues


Published on Apr 18, 2020


The british royal family and with everything that surrounds it, you know, never ceases to fascinate and intrigue the public. You try to understand what happens behind doors that are closed to the castle, it speculates on relationships, families, loves and disagreements. By the time, however, nobody does it as good as Meghan truman gates. Noble no, hated and then loved, Meghan continues to arouse great interest.

That is his past, so different from that of the sister-in-law, who always is compared, Kate Middleton, or her present, with the choice of bold and different to be away from court to live overseas with Prince Harry and their first son, Archie Harrison, it does not matter. Meghan is on everyone's lips. So much so that, often, we forget him, the little Archie, and of the plans that his parents have not only for their career post the nobility, but also for their small family.

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In this regard, a friend of the Duchess of Sussex told the Daily Mail that Meghan would be taking to give to the son a friend with whom to play, extending therefore the family. Not only. The same source tells us that Archie is a child, extremely lively, loves to play and never wants to sleep.

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“Archie is fascinated by his small musical instruments, and is very funny when Harry plays the harmonica,” he continues. “It is a child very happy.” A rare look at the life of the family of the Dukes, who have made a step backwards compared to the English royal family and have given up their role officially on the 31st of March, immediately after having moved from Canada to Los Angeles.

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