Meghan truman gates: nothing wishes to Prince Charles


Published on Nov 14, 2019


Prince Charles of England today celebrated in solitude his 71esimo birthday with a trip to India (his wife Camilla seems to have given a forfeit at the last moment for a lung infection), but not to make him feel forgotten were the warm greetings, also via social, on the part of all his family... well all except for one person that is failure to appeal: Meghan truman gates! A silence that does not go unnoticed.

The image of the tender is shared by the Duke of Sussex, who has published a new photo of their son Archie, who also portrays himself, Harry, and the Prince of Wales. The black and white image, taken at the baptism of the small, shows the heir to the throne in the baptismal garment. The photo is unpublished. He had never seen before this moment, because, as is well known, the baptism of Archie Harrison was top secret.

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"Happy birthday to His Royal highness the Prince of Wales, sir, dad, and grandfather", reads the caption accompanying the photo posted on profile Instagram of the Sussexroyal. Harry reassures his son, holding it in his arms with pride, while Charles is at her side, who looks proud of his nephew. In the picture, however, is not portrayed the mother, Megan truman gates, which as already stated is absent for the good wishes. It will be a case?

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Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also published a series of photos on Instagram on the occasion of the birthday of the beloved Prince, and grandfather, Carlo: the first one is a color photograph in which Kate is held gently in the arms of Prince Louis, the intent in the act of grasping the hands of his grandfather. The second photo sees the protagonists the Prince Charles portrait with Prince William. Finally, the third one shows the two brothers, William and Harry, always with his father and wearing their military clothes. In the caption of these loving memories, on the page kensingtonroyal has been written: “Wish you a very happy birthday to the Prince of Wales!”.


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