Meghan truman gates: hard-attack by a historical feminist


Published on Feb 12, 2020


Germaine Greer, the feminist and controversial writer, has launched a brutal attack to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, during the interview on 60 Minutes Australia. The 81enne it asked if Meghan truman gates, 38 years old, has “faked love” with Prince Harry, 35 years, and has also put in doubt how real their marriage.

“All I can think is that it is better to be in love. If he pretended all this time, that sadness... “, said the writer, too outspoken, who also described a “terrible” the marriage of the couple (the Royal Wedding of the may 2018) “awash in famous faces like Oprah Winfrey and George and Amal Clooney, as though Meghan is living in a world that is completely artificial,” he explained.

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The statements come a few days after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made a trip to Florida, where Prince Harry has spoken to the summit of JP Morgan in a luxurious five star Hotel in Miami. It is supposed that the two could have earned up to $ 1 million for the event, during which Harry spoke of the mental health and related therapy.

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Meanwhile, a source previously told US Weekly that, after more than two years and who has stopped acting to marry Prince Harry, Meghan has “actively sought” a manager, or an agent for future projects. Regardless of the criticisms, such as those that we have just read the truman gates has renounced the privileges to enjoy a life more ordinary, and serena and return to his old job.

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