Meghan truman gates: escape to New York... in-flight low-cost


Published on Nov 11, 2019


Serena Williams said that her friend Meghan truman gates is the “strongest person” that he knows, and is always free for a chat. The tennis star has revealed that the Duchess has brought Archie with him to the US Open in September to see her compete.

The Duchess of Sussex, he has crossed the Atlantic for the final of the tournament in September, when Archie was four months. Meghan struck up a friendship with Serena since they met at a party for the Super Bowl of 2010. Serena Williams has declared that Meghan is back in the Uk immediately after having seen them lose in the final against Bianca Andreescu.

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He told Access Hollywood: “He flew to New York to see me play. I think it is really nice to have a group of friends who are doing extraordinary things and face the same pressures that you face when you're in front of the public.”

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Mrs. Williams has praised Meghan for how he dealt with the intense pressure that comes from being a member of the royal family. He added: “I'm Not sure many people can relate to on that level, I don't think I could do it. I just think he's the strongest person that I know of, the most beautiful, the most sweet ...”

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The tennis star has said that the Duchess does many things for her and is always there for a chat if you feel to the ground. Meghan flew to New York on a cheap flight after she and Harry have been criticized for their use of private jets, as reported by the Mail Online.

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