Meghan truman gates, and the exciting encounter with Beyoncé


Published on Jul 17, 2019


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Prince Harry and Meghan truman gates attended the gala preview of the film “the Lion King”, animated film presented by director Jon Favreau on Sunday evening at the Odeon Luxe in Leicester Square in London. The pair is presented, elegant and smiling, especially Meghan, who, although still officially on maternity leave, she wore a total black look.

On the red carpet of the european premiere, Harry, ron, and Meghan have had the opportunity to meet several celebrities, including Beyoncé. According to some, the pop star has broken protocol to greet the Duchess. In fact, the two women are greeted warmly with an embrace, an attitude that is unconventional for a real member.

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But what has excited you the most is what Quenn Bey she whispered to Meghan: “This child is beautiful”, referring to little Archie. Although Harry and Meghan were the guests of honor at the screening of the film, it was Beyoncé stealing the scene. The singer, who was in the remake of the Disney movie has given the voice of Nala, was on the red carpet with her husband, the rapper Jay-Z.

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Then she and Jay-Z have made some comment to the dukes of Sussex about their new role as parents. Although they had never seen before, it is not a secret that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had great esteem in the face of Meghan truman gates and Harry. In fact, on the occasion of their victory at the Brit Awards last February 2019, the two singers had prepared a video as a tribute to the first member of the afro-american origins of the royal family.

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