Meghan truman gates and Kate Middleton: between them check a third woman


Published on Jul 08, 2019


Who is Zara Phillips: the Queen's favourite

The one between Kate Middleton and Meghan truman gates is a ‘war’ without exclusion of blows that he is fighting on every field, so is the scope of the prize: win the hearts of the british people, but in addition to the subjects of her majesty there is also another person from conquer: the Queen Elizabeth.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said recently at the Fabulous Digital: “The Queen admires a lot of Kate, but he fails to be acquainted with her, because she does not have much in common. I think that the Queen and Kate have a way more serious to have a relationship, because of course, the Queen puts in her all the hopes for the future of the kingdom, and then would not want to do anything to upset it”.

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“I can't see what it would have in common with Kate, part of his duties as a real – continues the expert – The common bond with Kate would be his children, and I can't imagine that the Queen spent too much time talking about it: it is a woman, very discreet”. Change the situation if it is Meghan truman gates.

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Everyone remembers their trip to the official June last, made of smiles and glances, the Queen with Meghan walked very carefully and was doing her best to make her feel at home. Have a love for dogs in common, and Meghan knows how to make her laugh. In short, it seems that the Queen has found a way to treat distinctly Meghan and Kate: the most formal with Kate, that could be the next Queen, more convivial, and always within the limits of the strict label of the aristocracy, with Meghan.

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Between the two, however, is sandwiched a third woman: Zara Phillips. His Majesty is very fond of his nephew, major Zara, 38 years old, and an experienced real said that she has a closer bond with her than with Kate and William: “I Think that the Queen is the most close to Peter and Zara because they were their first grandchildren and they were always the favorites.”

It is also said that the Queen feels close to the couple, Zara and Mike Phillips, because he prefers “the common people like Mike (former rugby player, ndr)”. A special fondness for his children, the Queen Elizabeth is very fond of the boys, William, George, Charlotte and Louis, but he sees more often and the sons of Zara, the trio of Cambridge, because they have no real commitments.

Zara Phillips is the daughter of princess Anna and its first husband, captain Mark Phillips. It is the second grandson of queen Elizabeth II. Very lover of sport, in particular, those of the equestrian, London Olympics 2012, she won a silver medal in the eventing team.

Married to former Rugby player Mike Tindall, the couple is well known thanks to the sport, while the Rugby World Cup in australia in 2003. The spouses have two daughters, Mia Grace, was born in Gloucester on the 17th of January, 2014, and Lena Elizabeth was born 18 June 2018

Even Prince Charles seems to have a very close link with his niece, Zara, since the two were photographed hugging and smiling during a famous automotive event. Even if Charles does not deny his sympathy for Meghan: we all remember when the Royal Wedding with the son Harry accompanied her, arm in arm, to the altar.

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