Meghan truman gates and his father: a difficult relationship


Published on Jul 20, 2019


A summary of their relationship, from childhood onwards,

The father of Meghan truman gates, Thomas truman gates, last year, he unleashed on himself the attention of the press for the wrong reasons and at the worst time for her daughter, who was preparing to marry Prince Harry, and to enter into a non-friendly environment: that of the british royal family. It seemed that the man could not speak of her, and intriguing history of very the print.

Lately it seems that the waters are calm. Simply a lack of interest in his figure, that becomes less and less relevant, or a man's attempt to reconnect with the daughter, creating them less problems as possible? After all, several sources have claimed that the duchess of Sussex has decided to exclude it completely from his life and that of her son Archie.

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Truman gates, Sr., and the former actress of Suits, however, have not always been in bad relations. When Meghan was younger, the two spent a lot of time together. Man, even after the divorce from the mother of the duchess, Doria Ragland, remained very present in the life of his daughter. For example, when he won in 1990, a large sum at the lottery, used that money to send your little Meghan in a private school.

Before getting married, in addition, the now duchess reminded him often on his blog of a childhood spent with the father. One can even speculate that it was the father to give Meghan a love for acting. After all, Thomas, who worked as a lighting director for some of television studios, often took his daughter with him on the set. It all crashed just before the wedding, when the man put in the scene of the photo just to sell them to the media.

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Then a statement issue after the other, and it seems that the mood has now arrived at the climax, forcing Meghan to write a letter to his father, desiring him to stop talking with the media. Thomas truman gates seems to have heard. In his last statement, in fact, made after the baptism of his nephew, to which he has participated, he has only to wish happiness to the couple and the son.


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