Meghan truman gates, and Harry choose the godfathers and godmother to the royal baby: who will this be?


Published on Jan 22, 2019


Preparations are underway for the birth of the Royal Baby, expected in April 2019. Harry and Meghan truman gates is preparing to welcome the small house, or perhaps the small, saw that the rumors of the ex-actress, pregnant with twins are always more pounding. It seems that the belly of Meghan to leave no doubt in this sense: the duchess of Sussex is pregnant with twins? A few days ago was the same Meghan to miss the date in which the child should be born and knows that it is not just her, maybe in a future public appearances, to unveil some more details on a possible birth of twins!

And while the world awaits to know if Harry and Meghan expect twins or just a royal baby, we discuss the choice of the godfather and godmother of the child or of the child. As you know in the last few weeks and spoken to a lot of arguments between the members of the royal family, and it seems that between the two sisters in law, Meghan and Kate, will not run at all, good blood. If before the wedding Harry and Meghan talked about Kate as the new best friend of the actress, now, things have changed. The two ladies would be at loggerheads but these, remember, are just rumors and you know that, when there is the royal family of means, all of this is the order of the day. According to the most crooks, Meghan would have even quarreled with William, and for this reason also the relationship between Harry and his brother would not be what they once were. Easy then to deduce in this sense that the godfather or godmother of the child of the pair will not be chosen from among the kindred is nearest ( always wars in the family, this is confirmed).


It should also be said that from the English tradition, my uncles usually are never chosen for this role is instead entrusted to a relative less close or a friend of the family.

And’ People to engage in surveys talking about, as well as 11 candidates for this role. In pole position for the role of godmother there would be Serena Williams, who, as you know, is one of the best friends of the duchess, but not only. Legend has it that it is thanks to a game of Serena, played in London, that Meghan met Harry, coming from California to the United Kingdom. Priyanka Chopra is the second name of the list, she's also a friend of Meghan.

Instead of staying in the family, check the name of the princess Eugenie, who, after her dream wedding, has captured Meghan and the subjects of her majesty, leaving her mark.

Looking for the name in the group of friends of Harry, check what Tom Inskip, the "shoulder" of the prince during the fun evenings at Eton College, then to Mark Dyer, a sort of mentor to Harry, and still Charlie Van Straubenzee and Jake Warren.

And then finally there would also be the best friend, Meghan, Jessica, who was already the maid of the duchess.

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