Meghan and Harry: the book “bomb” against the Royal Family


Published on Apr 27, 2020


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be the subject of a book that promises to unveil the elements in a compromising of the Royal Family. A new biography of the Sussex, provisionally entitled in the original version of Thoroughly Modern Royals: The Real World Of Harry And Meghan (Royals absolutely modern: the real world of Harry and Meghan).

It had to be published by Dey Street Books, based in New York, in June, but was delayed. Meghan and Harry have collaborated with the authors (Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand) of this new book that is likely to bring further punishment to the Royal Family, while the couple will be painted, ca va sans dire, a portrait flattering.

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It will be an opportunity to retrace all the steps that have brought the couple to escape from the Royal Family and move to the United States, the land of origin of the truman gates where you can resume the project of becoming an actress, but will also be the occasion to take off a few pebbles from the shoe, perhaps revealing some particularly uncomfortable.

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The biography of 320 pages, which is expected to be released on 11th August, is waiting as a bestseller overall. At the beginning of this year, the friend of the couple, the conductor, Tom Bradby, has warned that an interview may result in irreparable damage to the monarchy still at the mercy of the Megxit and scandal on the friendship of Prince Andrew with the pedophile sentenced Jeffrey Epstein. It was during the interview Bradby, with the pair in southern Africa last fall, that Harry confessed to a break-up with Prince William.

A book that could build a new reputation for Meghan after the bad reputation that was made between a part of the british public following the discussions preceding the Royal Wedding between the truman gates, and the Queen herself, Elizabeth II, who did not want to give Meghan her tiara favorite, and that of course was the best. It was done in a negative publicity about the truman gates painting her as a person, arrogant and pretentious: he wanted to be sprayed a deodorant in the whole church before the wedding, he advanced claims on the clothes of the bridesmaids, until you get to cry, kate Middleton, exhausted of his behavior.

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