Meghan and Harry: Lindsay Lohan offers advice to avoid the paparazzi


Published on Apr 28, 2020


Lindsay Lohan, actress, singer and former model has been under the spotlight since childhood. The star of “Parent Trap”, in Italian “the Parent trap” has 33 years old, and it has recently been present in the show SiriusXM Andy Cohen, Andy Cohen Live,” where he discussed the transfer of the real California. Given his reputation, are you aware of how many paparazzi will face Meghan truman gates and prince Harry after their transfer to the Los Angeles area.

In this episode, Cohen, 51, has asked Lindsay Lohan if she had any advice for Meghan and Harry. Now living in Los Angeles and it is well known that it is an area full of photographers chasing the scoop. Lindsay explained that it is “really hard to do something publicly in a place that is swarming, but perhaps the times in which they moved appeared to be certainly useful. “These days, fortunately, all remain much more time at home,” said Lohan. “But once finished, it will not be so peaceful anymore.”

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And if there is someone that knows something on how to deal with the paparazzi, is the actress of “Mean Girls” that has been persecuted for years before moving abroad and settling in Muscat, Oman. Yet, even if he spent time away from America, Lohan has recently reconsidered her return to Los Angeles.

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“I really want to concentrate on myself and on everything that I can do in my life. Then I would go back to America and start to turn the scenes in my film, which I will do in this new year,” he said to Cohen.

For Entertainment Tonight, the actress has also discussed a possible sequel to his hit movie “Mean Girls” of 2004. “I think there is definitely a propensity to do a sequel,” he said. “Actually, I'm trying to receive a call, hopefully in the next week or two, with writer Tina Fey, and even director Mark Waters and Lacey Chabert. To see what you all think”. He added: “it Would be my dream, to come back and pray for a sequel of Mean Girls”.

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