Meghan and Harry: issues of privacy and blindano their villa


Published on May 12, 2020


Prince Harry and Meghan truman gates, obsessed with privacy, they did build giant screens around their mega villa from $ 18 million in a sumptuous apartment of the property of Tyler Perry. Harry and Meghan truman gates they installed the shields after it was discovered that the strangers could see, directly on their own ground.

The workers were photographed outside the house on the first day of the reopening, when the county of Los Angeles has allowed us to reopen some of the trails, which would relieve the measures to block restrictive put in place to stem the pandemic coronavirus.

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The area surrounding the estate has a steep hill that goes up to the border of the property and offers hikers a unique vantage point allowing you to see exactly where the couple with their son Archie. We know how much Harry cares about their privacy, for this reason, it is equipped with protective screens and surveillance cameras.

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The positioning of Harry and Meghan in the rich neighborhood, close to Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, allows them to look at the houses from the many millions of dollars in the nearby estate of Beverly Park is the property of Sylvester Stallone with an outdoor pool, the mansion in the French style of Rod Stewart with a football field and the circular turret, Mark Wahlberg.

The parks are now quiet due to a blocking of assets in mid-march, but with the summer advances, and the measures of distancing the social from the coronavirus slow, the place may record a heavy traffic of people.

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