Meghan and Harry in Rome without Archie: the queen is furious!


Published on Sep 20, 2019


Meghan and Harry before the royal tour official Archie grant of roman holiday

Meghan Marke and Harry landed in Rome on the afternoon of Thursday 19 September. And no, Meghan is not going to go on the set of the Remake of “roman Holiday”: the two real have landed in Italy for the wedding of Misha Nonoo, fashion designer best friend to her. A mega wedding party throughout the entire weekend.

Meghan truman gates and Harry: this is the godmother of Archie?

Meghan, Harry and Archie: the output of the family at the pub

Marriage falls just three days prior to the departure of their royal tour (the first with Archie) in south Africa. And it is here that doubts arise: will not be a bit too much to join the weekend the roman with the royal tour for the little Archie? But, despite the criticism, Meghan and Harry have decided to attend the wedding which will be held in Cinecittà.

Zara Tindall, snubbed Harry, hermione, and Meghan?

The real questions remains only one: to have the permission of the queen to this escape roman? Buckingham Palace has responded with a “no comment private trips of Their Royal highnesses”. From this response it would seem that the queen will be glad to know how to around and do mundane life without Archie.

Will the two arrive in time to the first royal tour the official of the family? The debut of Archie is scheduled for the 23rd September 2019, Cape Town, south Africa. Here Harry and Meghan staying until the 2nd of October, the day on which they return to the house. But during their tour they will visit several other locations throughout Africa. During this tour, father and son, will split to follow the different commitments.

All together they will visit the beach, Monwabisi, near the shanty town of Khayelitsha; Johannesburg and will visit to Graça Machel, the widow of Nelson Mandela, and south african president Cyril Ramaphosa and his wife. Archie and his mother will stay in south Africa; while the prince will instead be engaged in various activities: you will go first in Botswana, then starting toward Angola. Harry will visit the fields of de-mining in Dirico and Huambo. In the two days following, the duke of Sussex will be in Malawi.

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