Meghan and Harry in a crisis, asking for help to the experts


Published on Sep 10, 2019


For a global project of sustainable tourism

The public opinion does not seem to have gained a positive opinion on Meghan truman gates and Prince Harry, especially after the persistent rumors that tell of a duchess of Sussex unbearable, spoiled, and ill-willed by all within the English royal family (especially from beloved sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.) But desperate diseases require desperate remedies.

Anything have earned him the sweet photos of the firstborn, the profile Instagram of the couple, prestigious events, and the bathrooms of the crowd. It seems that Meghan is not able just to please the English people. Here is that the dukes have decided to ask for help from a team of experts in crisis management.

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And not a team like any other, but the same chosen by Harvey Weinstein, who, after the huge scandal of the harassment that has befallen him, he needed someone who could help improve his public image. The news would have been confirmed by a representative of Buckingham Palace to Yahoo.

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Officially, the efforts of the team “anti-crisis” should focus on one of the global projects that have been launched by Harry last month: Travalyst, an initiative that has as the main theme of sustainable tourism, facilitating the dissemination through the media, with a focus on the United States of America. What is certain is that perhaps Meghan and Harry would also need to take care of their public image.

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