Mediatek could provide the modem 5G of the future iPhone


Published on Jul 02, 2018


A few days ago bi we talked about MediaTek as a supplier of chip modem to integrate already from the next iPhone. Apparently, however, Apple would still not have formalized any agreement, confirming Intel and Qualcomm as suppliers, 2018. Things may change with technology 5G.

DigiTimes reports that Apple will continue to get their supplies from Intel, and Qualcomm, in spite of the troubles of the legal with this last one, also for the iPhone, 2018. In particular, 70% of the new iPhone will Intel chips, while the left will use Qualcomm modem.

MediaTek would not be ready, however, Apple seems not to have concluded an official agreement with the company. MediaTek would be, however, working on a chip modem, a next-generation, compatible with the technology 5G. We do not know if Apple will use the 5G already from 2019, or will prefer to wait another year, but most likely you will entrust your to MediaTek for the future supplies.

Operators are starting in these months, the first test at the global level and sufficient coverage will be available only from 2019. For this, Apple may wait until at least 2020, in order to integrate technology more reliable and widespread.

MediaTek could, instead, enter immediately in the production of the HomePod, thanks to the supply of the WiFi chip custom.

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