Mediaset to “kill” Beyond the threshold: with the departure to 21,52 what can you expect?


Published on Nov 28, 2019


It will also be true that the first few episodes of Beyond the threshold ( already starting well beyond the 21,30) failed to impress the audience of Channel 5, which has rejected the fiction with Gabriella Pession. A public that, let us say, not clear which are the products on which to focus, and press the avalanche of trash broadcast on Mediaset, affossando instead of a fiction as Beyond the threshold, worthy of others to listen to you. But on the evening of 27 November 2019 has touched really the bottom. Can a fiction of the early evening begin to 21,52? Maybe Mediaset thought to televise the tv series on Telecinco, in Spain, where these times are more than normal? The choice is really embarrassing and absurd. A fiction of the early evening that is already part of the 21,35 discussed at 21,40 is claimed to be, but to 21,52 is embarrassing. Mediaset wanted to “kill” the little that still remained Over the threshold, affossando a product on which he never believed. And at this point you wonder, why you propose. We complain, then, that often actors of the first level, as Gabriella Pession is, they decide not to work for products, Mediaset, knowing that the flop is around the corner. Here is a treatment of this kind, a actor should also ask questions.

And it is true that a fiction can not, it is true that the ratings have been very low but you can not destroy a product that is among the more difficult topics to tackle in the early evening. And if you wanted to leave something to an audience of young people, how can you think that a departure time that coincides with the 21,52 can somehow attract the audience of boys in front of the tv? Embarrassing really.

We see the numbers of the first evening of yesterday with Rai 1, which dominates without the shine especially

If God Wants to 3.063.000 spectators, at 13% share. On Channel 5 Over the threshold 1.810.000 spectators, equal to 8.9% of share. On Rai2 I Wanted to Do the Rockstar 1.319.000 spectators equal to 5.6% of share. On Italia 1 The Mummy 1.916.000 spectators (8%). On Rai3 anyone Who has Seen it? gathered in front of the video 2.268.000 viewers, equal to a market share of 10.6%.

Beyond the threshold is beaten by Rai 3, which is a close second step of the podium, on Italia 1, which won the bronze medal.

Rete 4 #CR4 – La Repubblica delle Donne 1.100.000 viewers with 5.8% share. On La7 Special TGLa7 – The Darkness of Bibbiano has registered 870.000 viewers with an audience share of 3.4%. On TV8 X Factorha marked the 2.5% with 542.000 spectators while on Nine The Siege 316.000 viewers with 1.3% (The Final Siege 236.000 – 1.4%).

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