Mediaset stops Next to another: in wave replicas, Paolo Bonolis “replica” piqued


Published on Mar 15, 2020


New press release Mediaset: Monday airs reruns of Next another although there were episodes enough, all of which are already recorded, to go forward up to the date of expected closure date. Paolo Bonolis is not, and replica from the social piqued.

Someone might seem not very clear what is going on these days in Mediaset ( and not only). If, on one side, millions of italians remain in front of the tv, giving you listen to the record, the other investors who purchase advertising space have a need to pick up many ads in this time, in spite of the ratings gold, would not very. It is a complex discourse, which concerns us, because on the blogs, on information portals and on-line, it happens the same. We produce dozens and dozens of content, the numbers recorded in these day are crazy, even so desire to learn Italian. But the advertising revenues are at a historical low because no investor, buys advertising in this period.

We have made this introduction, to explain in a simple way, that this is the sense of what happens these days. You should entertain you, but a tv business Mediaset, must also think of their pockets. And that the reasons of the changes of programming are economic, more than moral, it is demonstrated by the decision to Forward a other and is shown by the words of Paul Bonolis on social.

Mediaset could send a wave Forward and the other for the whole month of march. The episodes were all recorded before the disaster coronavirus. Listen to the flywheel. But it will not for multiple reasons. The first is that from the 22nd of march The legacy will broadcast replicas, for which they would bet wasted. The second reason is also of convenience. When the emergency will be returned, you must send in the wave of new episodes of the program that Mediaset will have, giving up possibly the first time in Free Fall, for obvious reasons, to be here in a month almost certainly will not be registered.

In this perspective, it seems to us quite clear, and the choice of Mediaset. Have foresight now, to send maybe aired the unedited episodes, even when The inheritance will return to the wave, waiting for then to record the new episodes of Free Fall. It is understandable, however, also for the release of Paolo Bonolis who wants to put the dots on the i, because the press release Mediaset does not clearly and explains vaguely what happens, with a little lie. Speaking of recordings, which will resume after the end of the emergency. And the address is correct for Men and Women and the Forum but not to Next another.

The comment of Paolo Bonolis on social:


Rome, March 15, 2020

I just read the press release Mediaset that informs you of the catch of three transmissions:

The FORUM, MEN AND WOMEN, and NEXT ANOTHER. I understand the business decision but I read in their text the following sentence: “the recordings of the new episodes of the three programs will resume as soon as the situation allows.” I don't understand. Our bets are all already registered. The ratings are great and the people, in these difficult days, detects in them a moment of leisure. Why stop us when the product is complete and already to their disposal, thus not requiring additional recordings? Mah.

(I provide the press release Mediaset)

Paolo Bonolis

Miss airing a program with unedited episodes in a time slot, the advertising may be paid very little, it's not ideal, and the decision of Mediaset regarding the pre evening of Channel 5, is shown in full.

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