Me Band 3: Xiaomi strikes again! – REVIEW


Published on Sep 11, 2018


Since its first version, Xiaomi has been setting on the market of the wearable cheap proposing a solution that is truly convincing. We tried the Mi Band 3, which finally arrives on the Italian market. Here's what I think.

As with the previous versions, in the pack you will find the fitness tracker, bracelet in black version, and the USB charger owner. The budget ends here, but certainly in the future we will see pack containing various colours of the straps.

Like the last generational leap also Me Band 3 introduces some new features from the point of view of design and dimensions. The capsule of the device is larger than that of the previous one and features a larger display, which is useful for read complete notifications coming to your smartphone. The device is made entirely of rigid plastic smooth on the front and rough on the edges and the back where is also place the sensor heartbeat slightly protruding. The materials seem to resist really well and during the test, not format, no scratch, despite having had little care of the device.

The bracelet is not very different from that of the earlier versions, improves the anchoring of the device and it seems to be of the highest quality. Over the course of weeks of testing I have not had any problem in keeping it on the wrist at night.

The Mi Band 3 of Xiaomi is equipped with a OLED display from 0.78 to" 128 x 80 pixels with capacitive touchscreen. Below the display is a button capacitive very easy to reach and easily recognizable to the touch. The device is equipped with accelerometer sensor, heartbeat back, and other sensors suitable for the correct detection of the various activities. The battery is a unit from 110mAh which guarantees an excellent autonomy in any condition of use. Only sour note about the hardware is the display: although it is greatly improved compared to the previous version, the device struggles to display the information under the light of the sun: an anti-reflective treatment appropriate and would have certainly improved the situation. The Mi Band 3 is also water resistant up to 5ATM, which in practice correspond to 50 meters of depth.

For those looking for a fitness basic I Band 3 is certainly the perfect choice: he manages to lay out the steps, the movement during the activity and sleep in a very accurate view of the price range. In a direct comparison with the Apple Watch, the new Mi Band has overestimated the distance of a little less than 10%, but has traced in an appropriate way all the rest of it. The lack of the tracking of swimming makes you feel like a view of the water-resistance of the device. The application I Fit Xiaomi is certainly one of the strengths of this device that, even in this case, it is always clear and displays the information in a flawless manner. Both on iPhone and Android but I never found any problem in the use of the I Band 3 is in the tracking of the activities in the forwarding of notifications. The app I Fit is only compatible with the Health of Apple that Google Fit making it a truly complete the experience of use of the new I Band. The tracking of sleep is always precise and the vibration is sufficiently definite to wake you up even from deep sleep.

The rise to wake works very well, it is possible to set time bands in which you do not do it to activate and, as for the alarm, the vibration determined it is unlikely that you will miss some notification. Even with iOS, this I Band 3 it works really well.

I Band 3 has an excellent battery life, but is directly dependent on the frequency of detection of the heart beat: setting the detection every minute, it will be difficult to exceed 10 days of battery life, otherwise twenty are covered in fluency. I noticed also that turning off the bluetooth of the smartphone or be out of range does download the device in a hurry. The charge is quite fast thanks to the cable owner.

I Band 3 arrives in Italy at a price of 29€ making it one of the fitness tracker cheap the most interesting of the market. The price content, excellent application and the capabilities of the device make it really difficult to find any faults with the product. If you are looking for a wearable to begin to become familiar with these devices, I Band 3 is certainly a recommended buy. Upgrade recommended to all owners of the previous model. You can buy the new Mi Band 3 directly on Amazon.en.

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