Mazinger Z Infinity: available Blu-Ray DVD preorder

Published on Jan 25, 2018

The Blu-Ray edition DVD, Mazinger Z at Infinity, the film adaptation animated famous anime Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z, in Italy), created by Go Nagai, the first based on the story of a giant robot piloted by a human being, it is available in preorder at the guaranteed minimum price.

The legend rises again. Back to one of the japanese cartoons the most legendary ever, Mazinger Z.

The young Koji Kabuto became a scientist, and one day he discovers mysterious ruins on the inside of the Mount Fuji calls Infinity, the work of Dr. Hell and his evil forces. Because of the enormous destructive power of Infinity, humanity risks extinction.

Koji is then forced, after 10 years, to take the controls of Mazinger Z, and once more to tackle the dilemma of his life “to Become God or Demon”. Today, more than ever, the future of humanity is in his hands.

Directed by junji Shimizu, the film debuted in Italian cinemas on October 31.

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