May is the month of masturbation

Published on May 04, 2016

Will the spring awakens the senses, so that we do so in two or three or more people is not enough for us and, then, we need to devote more time to pleasure yourself. On 7 may, in particular, when is celebrated the international Day of masturbation. The “party” was proclaimed and was celebrated for the first time in 1995, after which dr. Jocelyn Elders of the swiss federal Institute Surgeon General of the United States was dismissed on the trunk from president Bill Clinton for having asserted the utility to include in the curricula of sexual education, the “matter of masturbation”. A taboo subject even then. To keep high the attention on the benefits of masturbation, then, in addition to devote the month of may to masturbation, and in 1999 was proclaimed the Masturbate-a-thon, a marathon onanista to raise funds for sex education and to promote awareness of autoerotica. So with the slogan “Come for a cause”, from San Francisco to London and other cities around the world and on different dates holding this unique competition is beneficial.

7 ways to celebrate The international Day of masturbation.

1. Make a truckload of sex toys .

2. Prepare a music playlist to accompany you.

3. Conversing with other people on the pleasure of masturbation.

4. Try a method you've never practiced before.

5. Try doing it with your partner.

6. Watch a few movies with scenes of masturbation

7. Come to nua good cause: participate in or organize in your small a Masturbate-a-thon for charity


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