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Published on Mar 08, 2020


Return to the adventures of the old Dylan Dog, those who have not seen the effects of the care Recchioni on the regular series, and which provide us with stories of Dylan fans old and remember it with more affection.

There is to say that one of the ideas the most sensible and interesting parts of the care Recchioni was exactly this: the idea to divide the various series Dylan Dog by giving a meaning to each of them. And so the Maxi has become the series devoted to the stories of the old Dylan, the “times of gold”.

The stories of this Maxi 38 have at their base a sort of thematic environmental: each of them reflects on an environmental issue, reworked, and placed inside of the bizarre and dark universe dylandoghiano.

The Stars Burn puts you at the center the story of a mysterious alien who, materializing from out of space, assumes the form of a popular tv presenter: Ada Shneider. The alien being took aim at the same Shneider, and Dylan, a question that goes well beyond any single individual, and that relates to the entire human species.

In Big Trouble in Limehouse a group of kids calls out to Dylan Dog to solve a case that concerns an alleged witch of their neighborhood, and a herd of cats rather sinister.

The last story, entitled The House that mourns, has as its protagonist Myrna, an old love of Dylan, which is made to build a house “bioarchitettata”, which is just a few steps away from where a killer armed with a chainsaw makes his crimes.

All three stories are to breathe the atmosphere of the old Dylan Dog, and are well suited to the tastes of the fans of more traditional. The hard and pure, have annually at your disposal a number of stories more or less equal to those of the regular series, ideal for those who are nostalgic of the albums of Dylan, with, for example, Bloch still inspector of Scotland Yard.

The writers who have followed on this Maxi Dylan Dog were able to resume the plot, typical of the old patterns of the character, and respecting that type of resolution in classical sclaviana that linked the supernatural, mystery, and ethical issues, and human that try to give an answer, or even better: ask a further question.

Big trouble in Limehouse is perhaps the story that manages to entertain most, and is the brightest among the three. Of the rest, putting together a group of pre-teens (in the style of The Goonies, or Stranger Things) with Dylan Dog, in and of itself is a winning move.

Also interesting is the idea of The House Crying, trying to join yet another amorous adventure of Dylan, a serial killer of forests, and a house bio-engineered, which seems to absorb certain energies of nature.

The designers who worked on the various stories have all been able to live classic atmospheres of the old stories of Dylan Dog, while maintaining a realistic style and creating evocative atmospheres and enjoyable. All Emiliano Tanzillo, who, with his chiaroscuro is managed to infuse ethereal atmospheres in Big Trouble in Limehouse.

Then continues in a manner consolidated, and with the quality of the path of the stories of the Old Boy with this big 38.

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