Maxi Dampyr n°9 – Three stories for the summer!

Published on Jul 04, 2017

Harlan Draka, the Dampyr and his companions keep us company, under the beach umbrella with three brand new stories really special!

With the arrival of summer, also comes the special annual dedicated to the adventures of Harlan Draka and his valiant companions. For breakfast, the Maxi Dampyr this year's peeps in the stands with all the splendor of its 288 pages. The register, under the evocative cover designed by Enea Riboldi, contains three complete stories, episodic and unedited.

The cover of the Maxi Dampyr number 9, with three exciting stories

The first story, written by Diego Cajelli and with the designs of Marco Santucci, is titled “The Testament”, and transports us into the suggestive and mysterious the English region of Cornwall, where the death of the elder Sir William Hamilton calls the manor house of the family his eccentric (and unsavory) heirs. The succession, of course, will not be simple and painless, thanks also to the strange relics in esoteric character that the old Sir William had reported over the years from his travels. His passion for the occult proves to be much more than a frivolous infatuation. Only the providential presence of Harlan, wisely called in question by the lawyer of the family, allows you to put an end to the horror that was about to unleash on the estate and its guests.

With the second story, instead, we change decidedly kind. “The Monster of the Billabong”, written by Francesco Matteuzzi and designed by Matthew Field, explores both the folklore of the australian Aborigines, both in the field, dear to me, of cryptozoology. Our Dampyr in fact, you will have to deal with the mythical Bunyip, a mysterious creature that is said to dwell in the most remote Billabong (salt marshes) in the North of Australia. This is probably the story that I liked the most, on a personal level. The fact of dealing with a topic that I am passionate about so much, coming all this with a pinch of environmentalism and social justice, makes me, in fact, think that it is the best story of the comic.

With “In the land of the Blue Men”, the third and final story, the protagonist of the cover, we move from Australia to the deserts of Africa, the northern centre. In this adventure written by Giulio Antonio Gualtieri, and Stephen Marseille with the designs of Fabrizio Russo, Harlan, will be the guest of the Tuaregs, the mysterious “Blue men” who live in the fiery sands of the sahara, and, again accompanied by the faithful Kurjak and Tesla, will have to juggle threats of the supernatural and the more mundane, but certainly no less dangerous, intrigue, and power games.

The register, as already said, it's nice full-bodied, 288 pages, are not really a few. The stories are all very beautiful, both at the level of script and drawings. I loved the fact that they wanted to put together three adventures with a pressure different between them, both as regards the themes dealt with, both the rhythm of the stories. Appreciable also the fact that the stories you fit them to perfection in the difficult to manage of the saga of the Dampyr, but are at the same time enjoyable also by those who approcciasse to the character for the first time, but remaining separate from the parent context. Definitely a good volume in all aspects.

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