Maxi compensation for Elisabetta Canalis “decapitated”


Published on Jul 09, 2019


“Treated as a dummy”

The Court of Milan has sentenced an Italian company of underwear to compensate for Elisabetta Canalis for an amount equal to 130 thousand euros for having used his image without his consent once that had ended the advertising contract.

But let's see in detail what happened. Initially there was a contract on the basis of which the company of underwear she could use the image of Elisabetta Canalis to advertise their products for a year starting from march 2013, and a fee equal to 110 thousand euro, as has told the Day.

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The problem arose when, after the expiration of the contract, the company has continued to use his image, trying to make the figure unrecognizable, practicing and then cut the image from the mouth removing the face and the tattoos on his arms.

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Canalis felt ‘treated like a dummy’, once you have exhausted the legal avenues she waited, trusting the outcome of a trial that ended with a conviction for the compensation in favour of the beautiful showgirl who will receive 130 thousand euro and 30 thousand euro of moral damages for the “abusive manipulation of the image”.

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