Maurizio Mattioli, the sad mourning of the actor and the farewell on Tv

Published on Sep 24, 2018

Maurizio Mattioli is an actor who we have loved and known in his comic vein. The memory of the famous actor in the Stories of the Italian touched the hearts of the viewers

An actor like Maurizio Mattioli is one of a kind. His roman comedy has made us children and adolescents more fun. But not everyone knows that in the life of the actor there are states of movement in the dark, as the death of his wife occurred in 2014.

In the Italian Stories the roman actor Maurizio Mattioli tells for the first wife, who died after 7 years of suffering from complications of an accident. A loss that has shocked a lot.

Maurizio told the story of his drama in the Italian Stories. Speaking with Eleonora Daniele Mattioli burst out crying. To arise the reaction, the pictures of his wife on the Led, passed away in 2014 after a serious road accident and after seven years of tragic suffering.

Mattioli touched, tells us of the incident of the wife:

“The accident my wife was a terrible blow I was dropped all over him. Then, from there, 7 years of passion, especially of emotional distress: also my wife would have preferred to finish first, in those few moments of lucidity made me understand that to suffer in that way, unnecessarily, without a minimum of hope... For seven years was really bad”.

The beloved actor roman back after years of silence on the tragic death of his wife Barbara:

“We're starting to live a little, right now: unfortunately, or fortunately, life goes on and goes on. However, there have been friends, there are people who can make you suffer a little less standoti close to you in a straightforward manner: I, thank God, I've had”

Maurizio can't help but remember the relationship with the beloved late film director Carlo Vanzina and his brother Enrico:

“I had a lot of solidarity, even now I have it, but in practical terms they were extraordinary. They never betrayed the friend in favour of the director or the producer. No one would have done what they did. Putting me at ease, even with economic efforts. And Charles, I will miss forever, for the whole life. Hello Carlo”.

The goodbye on tv to his wife, maybe he will give comfort to the great Italian actor.

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