Maurizio Ferraris at the Huffpost. "The election of Donald Trump great page in the history of imbecility"

Published on Nov 13, 2016

With the gaze of the philosopher: “The election of Donald Trump is a great page in the history of imbecility, a page of the choir, destined to remain in history.” Maurizio Ferraris professor of theoretical philosophy at Turin, theorist of the movement for a new realism, and the author of “The imbecility is a serious thing” just published by the Mill – has a judgment along with a tender and merciless on the us vote: “Is the demonstration that the imbecility is the thing best shared in the world. A tycoon with the tuft, his followers frightened and aggressive, a weak antagonist, his supporters believe, often wrongly, of their moral superiority compared to The Donald”.

We should laugh at it, professor?
It laughs at the idiots until they wreak havoc. If, then, the do – as Salah Abdeslan, one of the bombers of the Bataclan, a Paris – remain idiots, but not you laugh the most: she whines and punishes.

He writes: "The repression sharpens their wits, while the exhortation to be creative is crippling”.
When one praises the creativity doesn't realize is that while things are handed down, are they the wire to cut butter or the wheel, they have passed the scrutiny of generations, the things created by creative people have never been tested and have a very strong chance of being crap.

Like the things that we write and we read on Twitter and Facebook, that invite us always to be bright?
Social networks are the infringement of the systematics of the principle that silence is golden. How many times have we seen someone silent, and we have attributed the meditations are deep, and right, except that then he started to talk about, or worse still writing (scripta manent), and the enchantment is broken. (Of course, I am aware of the fact that this is also true for me at this time).

We have knowledge of the imbecility that – according to her – there is around?
We hide the imbecility for the same reason that our ancestors tried so much embarrassment to admit the continuity between man and animal, as proposed by Darwin. With this aggravating circumstance: that while it is meaningless to say that a non-human animal is an idiot, has a lot of sense to say a human animal, i.e. the animal is not stabilized, needy, helpless, and therefore in need of a technique (idiot comes from the in-baculum, free of stick).

The technique is, therefore, to make of us men of the idiots?
No, the technique reveals the man for what he is. And, at the same time, leads him to develop dreams titanic, for example, to be builders of reality, or paranoid, for example, those according to which the reality is built by the entity of evil (the Kapitale, Europe, Freemasonry) that hinder and torment.

The technical progress offers the same possibility to express themselves even to the intelligence?
I would say that the imbecility (and, first of all, the suspicion of being idiots) is a great stimulus for the intellect. Indeed, I believe that intelligence, in its proper sense, is not the escape without the end that each of us makes in regard to their own and other people's imbecility. A getaway does not always crowned by success.

Rousseau, Nietzsche, Heidegger: draw up a list of amazing minds affected by the imbecility. Considers the most dangerous the imbecility of the learned or that of the masses?
The imbecility of the elite is less dangerous. That Heidegger was a nazi may appear unpleasant, or even ridiculous, when he tries to make ends meet in a single plan of Hitler and Plato. But the real danger were the millions of germans who, through a democratic vote, they brought to power Hitler.

There is a positive side in the stupidity?
To be aware, to turn away from him as possible, through the culture.

But that is not the imbecile – in turn – have such confidence in the ability of the human being?
If you are not giving trust to the human being and its possibilities of progress, of improvement, of empowerment, then, is worth nothing, and, for example, the time it takes to answer your questions is time thrown. Perhaps it is also true, but I prefer to believe that it is not so.

Democracy is the political system best able to represent the imbecility of the human?
Yes, democracy gives space to the human, more than any other political system, therefore, is the great arena of imbecility. But no sense trying to go back, none of us would accept being ruled by a despot, albeit an enlightened and extremely intelligent. All that remains is to project themselves forward, and do all you can to ensure that humanity as a whole makes progress, i.e., precisely, is to go away as much as possible from the imbecility.

What kind of imbecility is suffering from the Italian politics?
If I put to pontificate on this also do you not think that I would do the figure of the idiot?


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