Matteo Salvini, the revelation of embarrassing a friend in high school: “He was in the diary...


Published on Sep 14, 2018


The Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, with this indiscretion, provided by Maria Luisa Godino, a friend of the high school confirmation always be consistent

Maria Luisa Godino, a friend of Matteo Salvini, tells of the years of high school together with the Minister of the interior, and as he has always been consistent with themselves.

If there is one thing you can't fault the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini is the consistency. This is shown by the testimony of his old friend of high school Maria Luisa Godino, today a lawyer, but at the time girlfriend of the high school of the man who today is for all of us, the minister of the Interior.

You are reviewed for the case, the Berghem Fest of Alzano Lombardo, thanks to Gianluca Boari, councillor and league member that has joined the two. Maria Luisa reveals the particular rather embarrassing but also very useful to understand the personality of the deputy prime league.

“Godino said:

At the time was already a league member. Once the rubai, the diary and he had pictures of models like all the others, but the photos of the Boxwoods. He gave his life policy then you deserve everything that is able to do, could also become premier, not lacking anything.”

There is, however, who continues to give to Salvini's racist, to answer we think her former classmate, surely you know better than those who simply point the finger against him:

“It was never a classist or racist. I am terrona, I lived in the suburbs, I was the daughter of a postal clerk. Yet I gave the tapes of De Andrè”.

The two were in the same class of Manzoni from 1989 to ’92. Then jokingly says:

“You finally called me by name, to school used to be called by last name”

The lawyer makes a portrait more than positive of the leader of the Carroccio:

“Matthew was good, brilliant and intelligent, but without being a nerd. Shone without giving the idea of being the one who was studying. Had 7 everywhere, pure in conduct. His being outspoken is often punished, especially with the teachers of the left to which he quietly said: the authors, less red, no?”.

A temperament so strong, a reflection of the person he is today.

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