Matteo Salvini: the ‘no’ at the opening of the airports, for alleged 40,000 of return-migrants in Italy

Published on Oct 08, 2018

Matteo Salvini opened on the alleged increase of deportations of migrants in Italy, declaring they intend to close down the airports, if any of the flights-charter from the rest of Europe.

“If somebody in Berlin or Brussels, think download in Italy, dozens of migrants with charter flights not authorized, know that there is not, and there will be no airport available”,

he said the interior minister and political leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, about the provisions of the ‘Republic‘, that is, that in Italy they could be repatriated, at least 40,000 migrants from Germany, a presumed desire that the executive of the German does not go right down to the Government League-M5S.

According to the above-mentioned newspaper, ‘the Republic‘, in Italy, would have increased the return of the ‘dublinanti’ (those migrants who disembark and ask for asylum in Italy, but then they go around in the rest of Europe by the free men), that is, the migrants originally identified in Italy and who have crossed the border illegally, while in the other Countries of Europe.

The minister of the Interior responded on Sunday morning, the news of a charter on arrival to Rome Fiumicino airport next Thursday, carrying 40 migrants "secondary" that they would be rejected by the German government for their repatriation in Italy, according to the Treaty of Dublin.

A closing net, that expressed by Salvini on the opening of the ports to the ships ‘Ngos’ border migrant rescue off the coast of Libya, as well as on the opening of the airports for the return expected. The media message launched by Salvini has put it at loggerheads with the diplomatic relations with the German government, so much so that from Berlin, and more precisely by the spokesman of the German ministry of the interior, is now in denial about the return provided for in Italy:

”In the next few days, no ‘dublinante’ will be extradited to Italy”.

“The key principle is that dictated by article 13. "When it is established (...) that the applicant has entered illegally by land, sea or air having come from a third Country, the border of a member State, the member State in question is responsible for examining the application for international protection". In other words, the responsibility of asylum is the Country of first landing. That is: those who arrive in Italy, it's Italy's turn, who is in Spain at the Spanish steps and the via...”

In the course of an interview with RTL.102.5’, Matteo Salvini said that the news concerning the alleged repatriation of migrants ‘dublinanti’ in the uk, it has been reported by an Italian journalist, but was denied by the executive of the German.

SALVINI ON RTL 102.5 (8.10.2018)

My interview this morning, RTL 102.5, a sea of messages in support! If you listen you makes me pleasure

Gepostet von Matteo Salvini am Montag, 8. Oktober 2018

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