Matteo Renzi at the venom: ‘You are only of people who...’


Published on Sep 14, 2018


For the piddino Matteo renzi, the current government has made false promises to the Italian people

A few hours ago the ex-Premier Matteo Renzi gave an interview to the ‘Circus Maximus’, broadcast on Capital Radio. The piddino has made the harshest accusations of the current government by using the terms strong enough.

“Those who voted against compulsory vaccination, it would be against the health of our children. A political class that plays on the vaccines is a political class of people”,
said Matteo Renzi.

Statements to the vitriol against the League and the Movement 5 Stars, which, according to the former Premier, make fast and loose with the various regulations. According to the piddino the income of citizenship does not exist because the current government has made promises with cheques in blank. In addition, li has accused to make an election campaign by promising the false.

“The government of the M5S-the League is much more compact than what you think. They fight every day, it will cause an economic crisis, but none of them pulls”,

he said the politician. The latter, moreover, did he know that the next September 30 will go into the square to hold a rally of the democratic Party against the executive.

“Enough with the resignation, we did 6 months of self-analysis, now ‘standing’ to be able to put in motion the Italy. If we wait, Salvini and Maio, we are finished”.

Matteo Renzi, also, in the course of the radio interview he also spoke of the relationship of his party with the centre-right. The former premier reiterated that in Forza Italia there are serious problems. In particular, the party of Berlusconi and, together with that of Salvini, who vote in favour of Orban, for him is a huge handicap.

“I have won twice, with the 70%, picking up millions of votes and the day after I made war. Those of the radical left, or even my party comrades have gone to war at Matthew wrong”,

said Matteo Renzi, who spoke also of the next congress of the democratic party to nominate the candidate to the primary.

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