Matches streaming on DAZN: get 5 practical tips to improve performance


Published on Aug 25, 2018


It was not one of the best beginnings to DAZN the first day of the championship: rain of criticism during the race for Napoli and Lazio, and a lot of dissatisfaction to the users “forced” to subscribe to this service, because, as you know, on Sky you will not see all the races but three games, will be exclusive on the platform. From the top of the company have made it known that the performance of the streaming service will improve in time, that DAZN is just born and is trying to “grow”. As we explained in our review of the product, the limits of DAZN are all in the stream. The connection speed ( and we know that in Italy between Fiber lines and older generation, we are really at the beginning), the quality of the image, the continuous blocks, were some of the criticisms of DAZN, criticism coming from users really imbufaliti. Because, you know, a fan that fails to see the game, is a fan of the really very angry.

We have then followed, after the race debut for Lazio-Napoli, Sassuolo-Inter and we can say that the service, in this race, it is definitely improved. You want to the fact users on line were certainly less, you want to the fact that the latter, perhaps, make less errors, so that at the end of the race, without too many interruptions, is spun fairly smooth. To meet the needs of the users, few hours ago DAZN sent all an email to explain what you can do to improve the experience with the platform streaming. Are highlighted 5 tips to improve the performance. The email arrives a few hours from a match that will surely be very popular, Napoli-Milan and the hope of the fans that go really is all good.

So, what are the tips to enhance the enjoyment of DAZN? We show you the mail with the 5 tips to have a better performance.


It is quite clear that, thinking of watching the game streaming from your mobile phone, or a device that has a connection in 4g is not fixed ( and by fixed, we mean as a minimum a home network ADSL) is almost impossible. The no major complaints, in fact, have come from those who have tried to use this kind of device, planning to do it with a simple line of the phone. Almost impossible to hope in the miracle.

The second tip: BETTER ON the BIG SCREEN

The second tip is to watch a game on a Smart tv. In this regard, we would have something to say. Because if it is true with a smart tv, so connected to an ADSL, the game stops less, it is equally true that the quality of the images, we are far from FULL HD, it is really bad. We followed the race on a 51-inch before doing our review of DAZN and bocciamo the full quality of the image. Like watching a game of the third category as far as quality and resolution are low.


In this case, you explain that some Android devices do not support better stream quality. In this regard, we can tell you that the game is seen from a simple pc with an ADSL connection, it doesn't give many problems and it was also closely aligned with the direct ( on the tv, instead, you had a delay of about thirty seconds, compared to the race live).

The fourth tip: the CHOICE OF THE BROWSER

Apparently not all browsers in use on our computer, tablet or phone are the best to use. The advice is to use Internet Explorer or Safari while the game was Chroome and Firefox. By DAZN remind us to download the latest version of the browser.

Last tip, fifth tip: make SURE THE BEST CONNECTION

And here the discovery of hot water: the streaming will be flawless if you have a good line, possibly a beautiful fiber-optic ( and we know that in Italy this gift is for the chosen few). And it is clear that we must forget, as we said earlier, watch the streaming from the phone unless it is connected to a ADSL. Need a connection that is powerful enough. All the rest is boring...

If, in fact, for the streaming of a tv series we can be satisfied with a free of the middle level, it does not matter if the buffering takes over, is very different to think of being lost in a penalty or the decisive goal. The real problem at the moment, according to our modest opinion, is not DAZN but the quality of the connection in our country that is the tail end of the whole of Europe.

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