Masterchef 6 news: the public arises, the Glory as Erica Liverani?

Published on Feb 26, 2017

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After the fifth edition of the talent of the kitchen, loved Italy, which ended with the victory of Erica Liverani, absolutely not appreciated by most of the public, there are fears of a similar fate, also for this edition.
Glory, in fact, the young mom competitor of this year, it seems to retrace, and, in many ways, the way of the former competitor in emilia, the most times saved by the judges despite errors of macroscopic that have done much to discuss.

It was mostly the last episode, to be aired on Thursday, February 23, to discuss; during the invention test, in fact, She was the second-worst, after Michele Ghedini, and it has been sent directly to the final duel against the loser of the pressure. This decision did not convince part of the audience that would have preferred to see the Glory in the place of Loredana. The mom-to-be, in fact, she cooked a dish in which the plankton is not heard, will be fully covered by the sauce, Loredana, instead, was punished for having dared too much, and you made a dish, perhaps beyond his ability.

Already during the old pressure test, the Glory had been pardoned by the judges, after cooking, with over 40 minutes of time available, a plate of eggs and fries, totally wrong. The first signs, perhaps, of a favorable treatment which the judge wanted to dedicate to those who, for the umpteenth time, the door in the kitchen is more well-known of Italy on his personal history with respect to real ability in the kitchen.


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