Masterchef 6: Glory deleted and then saved by the judges!

Published on Mar 04, 2017

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Yet another episode out of the box to Masterchef 6: the Glory, the competitor ligure, is the worst of the invention test, but in spite of this is graced by the judges, who, instead of delete the send directly to the final duel against the worst of the pressure.

Right from the beginning something was not returned in this invention test: the judges, in fact, call it as the worst Valerio and Glory, but for the first time in all the editions of Masterchef, not announcing the name of the person who will take off the apron. Ask the two competitors look at each other, and understand who of the two does not have the ability or the fortitude to withstand a final. After a few seconds of silence, the Glory, the tears, slowly untied the apron, showing his surrender.
At this point begins the praise of the judges, in particular, of Carlo Cracco, the young mother who, according to them would have been humble and mature enough to understand his limits; they continue judges, saying that his dish was actually worse than the one of Valerio, but that, in spite of this, the Glory they would not have had to leave the kitchen.

If from a tv program that needs to make plays expected of all, it is also true that never in the six editions of Masterchef Italy we had witnessed a similar scene; now it seems clear, then, that Glory be the protected of this edition, and that, consequently, has already a half victory in his pocket.


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