Masterchef 6: Glory attacks Margaret in the episode

Published on Mar 03, 2017

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And’ aired yesterday evening in the semi final of Masterchef 6, and during the invention test, Margherita, was the best of the mystery box, he had the chance to choose the flat that both she and the other aspiring chefs would have to cook. Thinking of doing a favour to a friend the Glory, the palermo has instead drawn the ire of the young mother.

Margaret gives Glory land snails, cooked in 40 minutes; the competitor ligure from the beginning does not show too much enthusiasm, but it puts still at work trying to cook a dish worthy of its capabilities. At the time of the tasting, however, after a judgment not positive on the part of the judges, the girl makes to understand openly not to have liked the choice of friend, which you would have expected in the pigeon.

“To err is human, but when mistakes on the shoulders of others is not good”, as expressed by Glory, referring to the choice of the Margherita; Valerio, for his part, does understand not to agree with her “has given the snails, make a plate of snails!”.
In short, even friendships seem to relativizzarsi when there is the final of the talent of the kitchen, loved Italy!

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