Masterchef 6 deleted Michele Ghedini and Loredana

Published on Feb 25, 2017

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The sixth edition of Masterchef starts with the conclusion, in the episode on Thursday, were released Michele Ghedini and Loredana, leaving Glory, Margherita, Cristina and Valerio competed for the final victory.

In the episode of Thursday, the guys are confronted with a mystery box which is very special: in fact, they had to choose between six operas, which were in some way linked to six dishes, inspired by authors to themselves or to the works. Six different dishes, then, that the same amateur cooks were chosen. The test has seen to triumph for the first time since the beginning of this year, Margaret, the competitor of Palermo.

Margaret has followed the judges in the pantry to be able to make use of its advantage in the invention test; the girl is found in front of three very special ingredients and refined, i.e. the leaves of the prickly pear, the plankton and the lemons of the sea.
After a lot of thought about, the girl chooses the plankton and the trial may begin; taken a little mishap, the guys try to compete with this ingredient is not easy, the taste is very strong and above all very, very expensive.
The best test is Cristina, confirming its position as one of the main candidates for the final victory; the worst, of equal merit and called in front of the judges, are Michele Ghedini (guilty of having completely missed the plate) and Loredana, who dared too much by making a dish too difficult and judged to be a bit of a snob.
The judges decide to eliminate Michael, sending, however, Loredana at the final duel against the worst of the pressur test.

For the test in the outside, the boys remain at Milan, or more precisely at the Triennale of Milan; to wait the four amateur cooks, two food critics are very important, though very young.
Cristina, the best of the invention, have the advantage of being able to choose which ingredient to keep for himself, and and which to assign to his three companions; the san marino rider chooses the mackerel, instead gives Daisy the guinea fowl, to the Glory of the chianina and Valerio, in the last, tap a mix of vegetables.
The uniqueness of the test lies in the fact that the boys are subjected, in the course of the test images that represent of visual stimuli, or sensory, that they will then have to enter in the dishes. As the first stimulus, the two critics choose the east, then continuing with the fantasy and the fun, and to finish off with the hot-cold effect.
The two critical judge with attention to all four of the dishes, from presentation to taste; seem to be affected in particular by the work of Cristina and Margherita, will again be the republic of san marino to win, by doing so, the bis after the invention.

And’ the moment of the pressure for Margaret, Gloria, and Valerio; Cristina you can enjoy the spectacle from the balcony while She waits to find out who will be her opponent. The three contestants must prepare lunch box for the judges, of course with different dishes depending on their tastes. The best is the Margherita, also Valerio will be saved while the Glory goes to the final duel with Loredana.
The clash that everyone had expected can then be the beginning, the two girls find themselves having to make a very particular, facing a counter full of raw materials, each of the two offers a food, the other is free to change it or keep it, so as to arrive in ten moves. At the end of the ten moves, the one that is on the counter will be spending with which to cook.
The duel sees the defeat Loredana, guilty of having cooked little rabbit; the calabrese is thus forced to leave the apron and all his dreams of victory.

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