Masterchef 6 deleted Gabriel and Michael Pirozzi

Published on Feb 17, 2017

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Ended another episode of Masterchef 6, the talent of kitchen Italy's most famous; the eight competitors will be fought in the classic challenge: the mystery box, invention test, the test on the external, and, finally, the pressure test. The invention has seen defeated Gabriele, the 46-year-old architect, while to leave the pens to the pressure was Michele Pirozzi, the affable neapolitan.

The episode begins with a mystery that is very particular: prepare a pot of sun 800 calories, in honor of the diet of the Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. Beyond the usual interludes between the sympathetic and the trash and, in fact, the aspiring amateur cooks have had to show ingenuity and the ability to dispense lightness and taste; Michele Pirozzi is the best of the test, with a plate of fish and vegetables that has satisfied a lot of the judges.

The invention of the week is dedicated to Joe Bastianich, with three dishes from the american tradition: the gumbo of Louisiana, a stew with sausage, shrimp, vegetables and white rice; chili with meat, a classic dish in tex-mex with meat, beans, chilies, corn, sour cream and cheddar; crab cakes, namely, cakes of crab, typical of course of the coastal zone, prepared with breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, mustard, eggs, a bit of tabasco and Worcestershire sauce and served with aioli and garlic.
Will always be a Michele to be the best, but this time it is a question of Repetition, the 21-year-old mantovano, which can then lead his brigade in the test, in the external.
In addition to the winner, the test also reveals the three worst: Glory, Gabriel and Michael Pirozzi; and , in particular, the two competitors to get the worst of it. Gabriel is deleted while Pirozzi is sent directly to the duel against the worst of the pressure.

The test in the external leads of the guys in Piedmont, to face an enemy much harder than the traditional boiled meat piedmontese. Judging the two brigades, the confraternity of the guardian of this dish is centuries-old and important.
Ghedini choose Valerio and Loredana as companions of the brigade, thus leaving Cristina, Margherita, and Glory as her opponents; they are the three girls get the worst of it, despite none of the two brigades have cooked a stew that is satisfactory to the wise experts of the brotherhood.

Once back in the kitchen of Masterchef, the three girls face off in the pressure test, which involves two challenges. The first race consists of preparing a veal with tuna sauce, choosing a cut-off of pleasure between those used in the previous test; and the Glory will be the best, and will then be able to climb up in the balcony.
After her, it was the turn of Cristina, the winner of the second race, leaving Margaret in the duel against Michael. To be saved, the two competitors will have to prepare panzerotti napoletani, with four different fillings inspired by the favorite pizzas of the judges; in spite of fate seems to smile at Michael, it will be the competitor palermo to win and climb up in the balcony. For Michael, only the greeting and the great good luck of the judges.

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