Massimo Giletti says goodbye to Rai: the exclusive Today in the day of the schedules of Rai


Published on Jun 28, 2017


The press conference for the presentation of the schedules of Rai for the next season has not arrived yet, but from the site Today comes a sensational news: Massimo Giletti a few hours ago, he would decide what to do. Massimo Giletti leaves the Rai: this is a unique service which you can read in the next issue of Today newspaper. Probably the news will be given in an official way today during the press conference. Massimo Giletti, according to the law on the first rumors that come exclusively from Now on, he would have decided to leave the Rai after the decision of the company to close forever the program successfully in The Arena despite the record ratings, and the surveys of excellent quality brought forward in the program. A decision to close the Arena, then taken without even notifying the tenant that he would hereafter of the decision only by the media. For this reason, always according to the advances outstanding dates from Today, Giletti would have decided to put the word end to his great history of love hate relationship with the Rai. In the last hour had come many messages of esteem and affection from colleagues to Giletti, who had preferred not to speak and to remain silent. Apparently, however, his statements are there and are ready to be published in the next issue of Today,on newsstands tomorrow.


Massimo Giletti leaves the Rai. The news is given exclusively by the weekly Today, on sale from 29 June. That tells the details of the decision shock of the journalist-conductor, after the decision of the top management of viale Mazzini close his program of successful The Arena. And that reveals the ongoing negotiations with the other networks

In the meantime, the press conference of presentation of the schedules of Rai for the next season has begun, and we imagine that will come in some way to the confirmation or denial of this news is really sensational. Massimo Giletti and then leave the Rai in order to land a new network.


There is still nothing official, but the decision seems to have already taken. According to what tells the weekly Today on newsstands, Massimo Giletti will give the farewell to the Rai, the company for which he worked for almost thirty years, and might soon tie the knot to Mediaset or La7, the network with which the negotiations would have already tightened.

In a few minutes we will be able to know the truth!

Andrea Fabiano has not spoken to Massimo Giletti to which we imagine that the journalist will not be part of the team of Bbc1.




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