Massimo Bottura opens another refectory to Paris

Published on Mar 08, 2018

After months of negotiations, Chef Bottura is ready to open another refectory to Paris, in the crypt of the church of the Madeleine, historic building, the formula is always the same: great chefs ready to prepare dishes re-using leftovers and scraps to provide a hot meal to those in difficulty.

The choice of location is not random, first of all we wanted to think of a space that was comfortable, cozy and nice for a project aimed at restoring the dignity, the crypt, therefore, is preparing to welcome a refectory for about ninety people in turn are in need of a meal in a dignified manner.

Work on the project with important names of the French gastronomy by presenting a model well established and successful already present in Rio de Janeiro, Milan, with the refettorio Ambrosiano, recently in London, supported by the Association " Food for the Soul born after Expo 2015 thanks to Chef Bottura.




The idea of Bottura is to encourage the creation of canteens community all over the world with the intention of offering quality cuisine in beautiful locations to support those who do not have the means to be able to correctly feed.

Also this refectory wants to work in network with the various realities of the city, from the Food to the supermarkets, to all those realities that can provide surplus food, the michelin-starred chefs parisians, but not only, for Bottura anyone who wants to help by donating part of their time and experience is welcome.

The new refectory paris represents another step forward to combine beauty and art, excellent quality cuisine made with the recovery of food otherwise destined to be thrown, solidarity and attention to those in difficulty.








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