Masks of the community which are: you can wash?


Published on May 10, 2020


In the past two months we have learned about all types of masks imaginable. We would never have thought of having to understand how to use, how you wear, as they protect us. In these last weeks, on the few occasions where we are out of the home, we started to wear them and in the next few months will not be able to do without. The masks of the community are the ones that we wear every time we leave the house. The masks of the communities they serve to protect us only if we wear all but we must remember that the fundamental thing remains the distance. In fact, the masks, the community does not protect you 100 %. We do not make confusion: the masks of the community are not the same as surgical masks.

In fact, the surgical masks are the masks in the medical use, developed to be used in the healthcare environment and the certificate on the basis of their ability to filtering. Respond to the characteristics required by the standard UNI EN ISO 14683-2019 and work by preventing the transmission.

It was then the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, once again, to make things clear also for the directions on these templates of the community.

The masks, the community must provide a suitable barrier for the nose and mouth must be made of multi-layered materials that are neither toxic nor allergenic or flammable and that does not make it difficult breathing. Must adhere to the face, covering from chin to the nose at the same time providing comfort.

Masks business community are disposable or can be washed on the package you have indications that may also include the number of washes allowed without this diminishing their performance. The masks of the community, if they can be washed, wash them at 60 degrees, this is the only way you igienizzano really.

Recall that the masks of the community, have the purpose of reducing the circulation of the virus in everyday life and are not subject to any particular certification. Should not be considered, nor medical devices, nor devices for the individual protection, but a toilet is useful to reduce the spread of the virus SARS-COV-2.

With regard to the disposal, to be thrown into the undifferentiated.

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