Marvel: Wolverine and the crossover with Ghost Rider one of the new features of February 2020


Published on Nov 25, 2019


The February 2020 in the house of Marvel will be the perfect opportunity to start reading the comics new. In fact it will be the right time for you to discover and devote himself to the reading of characters who had never got the attention they deserved from the house of ideas.

For this reason this month is expected the debut of a lot of mini-series dedicated to secondary characters, but that does not lack in terms of proposal and creative choices of inventiveness and originality.

Before speaking specifically of news, you check what are the missing titles in this round.

Like other months, February is not the same and will bring some changes along the editorial line of Marvel, such as the closure or the cancellation of some titles.

Among the most interesting ones no more expected for this month we find Savage Sword of Conan, which is absent for the second consecutive month, but still no official announcement on his fate. Likely that the comic has now completed its run in view of the arrival of Jim Zubb is the head of the mother of Conan the Barbarian.

Even more nebulous is the future of the Amazing Mary Jane, which premieres for the number 5 of the series anticipated that the movie MJ would have concluded the shooting, and the redhead would be back home. Very probably this could be a confirmation of the conclusion of the series. It just might be the end of his first story arc, but further confirmation of the final coming from the screenwriter Leah Williams, who had declared that Amazing Mary Jane would have been only a mini-series.

Continue on to the return of Wolverine.

February will be the month of the long-awaited return of Logan in solitary, in fact, wrapping the canadian will return to be the protagonist of a series all of its own. Now that Logan lives on the Island of the Planet and his family is safe, and Wolverine has everything he always wanted... and everything to lose.

The texts of the comics by Benjamin Percy, while the pencils by Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic. As is tradition, the first number will be accompanied by numerous variant covers made by some of the most talented artists of Marvel comics, including Skottie Young, Alex Ross, and R. B. Silva.

Go for the tie-in to Iron Man 2020.

The advent of the Iron Man 2020 will lead to a series of spin-off that will occur with different tie-in, including Force Works 2020 that evokes the name of an old team led by Tony Stark during the stories of the years 90'.

Force Works 2020 will be a new interaction of the old team, among the new members there will be War Machine, USAgent, Mockingbird, and Quake. It will be a series that rievocherà the classic line editorial Weast Coast Avengers.

Continue on to the Avengers, Dawn of X, Black Cat.

Among the most important changes, it is worth mentioning that the designer Gerardo Zaffino will join the creative team of Avengers, on the occasion of the number 31. A chapter of 40 pages, which will focus on Tony Stark, telling the story of his struggle for survival in a desperate situation.

Also several titles relating to the X-Men will suffer changes in terms of creative teams. To titles Dawn of X will participate in new designers, Stefano Caselli will take care of the designs of the Marauders #7 and #8 and Wilton Santos will join the team of Excalibur #7.

Outside of the world of the mutants Kris Anka will draw a whole story arc about the Black Cat starting with the number 9 expected in February.

The mercenary chatty will return in February and will start the new story arc titled “King of the Monsters“, which will see Wolverine clash directly with Kraven the Hunter. In particular, the advances concerning Deadpool #4 suggest that the hunter will go up on the throne, wondering what could happen “when Kraven kills Deadpool.”

The classic crossover between Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher titled Hearts of Darkness will have a sequel in February. It all kicks off with Ghost Rider #5 will bring Frank Castle and Logan in contact with Dan Ketch (the second Ghost Rider) with surprising results. For the occasion, Ketch will get a new look (not yet unveiled by Marvel), and according to the estimates will have “new abilities.”

Fresh of the recent Absolute Carnage, which will arrive in Italy at the beginning of the year, Marvel has absolutely no intention of stopping with the events dedicated to the symbiont. The preview of Venom #23 predict that the Carnage will plant the seeds” for the next event but we still don't know for sure what will be.

As mentioned earlier, February will be the perfect opportunity to explore some secondary characters, but at the same time, historians of the House of Ideas. Among the titles provided are: Gwen Stacy, the Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Nebula, all the mini series of which we have already spoken abundantly.

X-Men/Fantastic Four debut in the same month and will focus on the consequences of the choices of mutants, and what is currently happening in the recent titles x for this month is there to report the new series dedicated to Ant-Man written by Zeb Wells and drawn by Dylan Burnett and the new Thor Donny Cates the advances of the plot foreshadowed a confrontation with an old ally: Beta-Ray Bill.

Marvel: Wolverine and the crossover with Ghost Rider one of the new features of February 2020 is




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