MARVEL: what's new for the digital copies free of charge, annexed to the comics


Published on Jan 11, 2017


The publishing house will soon change the politics of the digital copies free of charge in the annex to the albums-paper

In the United States, for every Marvel comic book bought with the sticker “Digital Content Offer”, the publisher offers a digital copy of the same register.

This possibility, since it was first introduced, it has made the happiness of all lovers of comics. The real fans know it well: a comic strip collection, with a value that can increase over the years, only if it remains untouched, maybe wrapped in cellophane.

Here, then, is that, the possibility to buy a comic book to collect and still have the way to read it through the digital copy, it proved to be a real boon for all the fanatics.

Conscious of having chosen the right way, Marvel has decided that, beginning in February 2017, will change the policy of the digital copies free of charge in favour of a new solution that should give the reader the possibility to expand its collection with titles different from those purchased.

In practice, Marvel will continue yes to give digital comic readers who buy the books with the label “Digital Content Offer”, but the digital copy will not be the replica of the comic paper bought, but a choice between the three proposed monthly made available by the publisher.

The idea seems great, but what will happen to those who benefited from the digital copy so as not to “dent” the paper copy and keep it so in perfect condition? There will be the possibility to opt for the “grown-up” digital? February is near, and then we'll see how the situation will evolve and what fruits will this new policy of Marvel.

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