Marvel – Venom: the origin of the iconic symbol


Published on Jan 05, 2019


The theory, which comes from the Twitter user Lumen_Laus reads as follows: “Essentially, when our friend Klyntar hosted Peter, copy his general appearance, and unconsciously kneaded the symbol of the spider to resemble vaguely the symbol of the dragon Knull, and it is for this that seems different.”

The user has also provided pictures of Spider-Man in his original costume, his costume symbiotic Spider-Man, Venom, and Knull, recently introduced the God of the symbiont.

Hi @Doncates,can you please tell me if I got it right?
Essentially,when our klyntar boy got on Peter,copying the former''s general look, he unconsciously shaped the spider symbol to vaguely resemble Knull''s dragon-like symbol, and that's why it looks different. Did I get it right?

— Rob (@Lumen_Laus) January 3, 2019

The symbol of Knull is undeniably similar to that of Venom. In turn, it is not difficult to arrive at the conclusion that the symbiont has attempted to pay tribute to both his new guest to the creator of the Klyntar when she is tied up for the first time to Peter Parker in the far-off Secret Wars #8 1984.

From the looks of it, this was the intention of Cates from the very beginning, and the writer responded with a tweet, saying simply, “EXACTLY! YES!”


— DONNY CATES (@Doncates) January 3, 2019

However, this revelation creates a slight retcon. The explanation of the original because the alien costume took the form that it has, was that Peter was unconsciously influenced by the suit of Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter, who was a symbol of the spider white that was almost identical to the symbol of the symbiont.

Also, while Knull has existed, canonically, for eons in the Marvel Universe, the character is still very new from an editorial point of view, since it has only made its first appearance in full in Venom #3, 2018, Donny Cates, and Ryan Stegman.

That said, from an internal point of view to the universe, the connection of the symbol with Spider-Woman has always been more a plausible hypothesis for Peter, more than an explanation in its own right. Even though this was well before Marvel began to develop the mythology of the breed symbiont, this does not invalidate necessarily everything that came before.

Also, given how Cates and his collaborators have redefined Venom during the run on the title, it is logical that some aspects of the origin of the character to be changed to adapt to their vision.

At present, it seems that Julia Carpenter and the design is similar to Knull are simply a coincidence. And the origins of the iconic symbol of Venom can now canonically go back, a lot back in time than before.

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