Marvel, the series: Monsters Unleashed enters a new era!


Published on Nov 28, 2017


Writer Justin Jordan will be the new writer of Monsters Unleashed from December onwards. With the #10 the publication will enter a new cycle that Jordan has presented on the official website of the House of Ideas, marvelnews.

With the new management, Kai and company will face the #10 a group of api gigantic, also Bachan will bring them in the dangerous depths of the sea.

“Monsters Unleashed, I finally have the chance to write something funny, leaving aside for once the the darker tones and the dark to which they are accustomed. I have of the characters optimistic and cheerful, is a novelty for me...”

“In the comic, there will be several new characters, my personal challenge will be to take the character of Kai from the version of Cullenn Bunn (the writer above) and give my personal interpretation, but without changing it too”

The approach of the writer of the series will be unique, because each book will be drawn by a different artist: ” I have always tried, in the best possible way, always write in the function of the artist; the interesting thing is that you have a different illustrator for each issue allows you to give a tone and a different sense each time, and for me is very inspiring”

“The new story arc will allow Kai to learn a lot more on account of the monsters. Able to understand the strengths and the weaknesses because, in the end, are similar to the people...”

The author concludes: “there will be a lot of fun. Who would not want to play with a bunch of giant monsters?”

Marvel, the series: Monsters Unleashed enters a new era! is




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